Watermelon Flavor Mix


It’s no surprise that watermelon is one of the most trusted flavors in the supplement industry. Whether you are dealing with an unflavored powder that you want to make taste great, or just need a little help masking the existing taste of your favorite supplements to make them easier to take, Premium Powders Watermelon Flavor Mix can help. You will never have to choke down a horrible tasting supplement again when you add this irresistible watermelon flavoring!

Fruity but not overly sweet, this 0 calorie watermelon flavor will give you a piece of summertime no matter what season it is. Premium Powders Watermelon Flavor Mix allows you to enjoy this fan favorite fruit year-round without the need to spit out seeds. You shouldn’t have to settle for supplements that require you to hold your nose to swallow. Instead, look forward to your next dose with Premium Powders Watermelon Flavor Mix.

With just one scoop of our Watermelon Flavor Mix, you can drastically improve the taste of your favorite pre-workout, post workout shake or protein powder. Even the worst supplements that have a chalky, bitter or dull taste will be instantly improved. The best part is there are no flavor packets limiting you on how much flavor you can add, meaning you can get your preferred level of watermelon flavor every time.

Each Premium Powders Flavor Mix comes in its own 4 oz. container, with a provided scoop, so you are able to add as much, or as little, flavor as you like. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even mix flavors to create your own fruit combination. If you want the best tasting pre-workout shake ever or need to add flavor to a flavorless supplement like Glutamine, Beta Alanine or Creatine, Premium Powders Watermelon Flavor Mix is the solution.

If you are ready to transform your supplements into your new favorite drinks, look no further than Premium Powders Flavor Mix. With four delicious flavors, you can mix and match to create your own signature taste profile or enhance an existing flavor. Forget about other flavor packs, this stuff even tastes great in water!

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